Tack: Metronome

A simple and beautiful metronome app for Android that has all the features you need for practicing a music piece accurate to the beat.

There is also a separate Wear OS app available with many options directly on your smartwatch. The Wear OS app on your wrist is perfect when you’re playing flute or a similar music instrument.
The app for Wear OS by Google is available in the Wear OS Play Store.



• Beat emphasis
• Beat sound options, including vibration
• Bookmarks for BPM values
• App shortcuts from bookmarks
• Dark mode
• Wear OS app

Wear OS App

• Beat emphasis
• Bookmarks (switch between two values)
• Vibration and beat sound options (speaker required)
• Rotary input: crown rotation for tempo change
• Input with side buttons (also long press)
• Wrist gestures
• Many more options


• No ads, analytics or in-app purchases
• Animated icons
• Tiny download size
• Material Components

The app was developed with the help of the open-source project “Metronome-Android” from James Fenn. Its source code can be found at github.com/fennifith/Metronome-Android. Many thanks to him for making his app open-source.
The idea behind Tack is to develop a nearly perfect metronome for WearOS watches.