Doodle: Live Wallpapers

An open-source Android app that provides colorful live wallpapers with auto dark mode and power-efficient animations. The wallpapers are based on the original Doodle live wallpaper collection of the Google Pixel 4 and the leaked (but never officially released) Material You static wallpaper collection of the Pixel 6, extended with additional wallpapers from Chrome OS.
The app is not just a copy of the original wallpapers, it’s a complete rewrite without the permanent animations to save battery and storage space. In addition, there are many customization options to match your preferences.




• Stunning wallpaper designs and Pixel feeling
• System dependent dark mode
• Power-efficient parallax effect on page swipe
• Optional zoom-in animations
• Direct boot support (immediately active after device restart)
• No ads and no analytics

Advantages over original Pixel 4 live wallpapers

• Less power consumption (no permanent animations or gyroscope sensor requests, no 3D engine)
• Improved text contrast (dark text for light themes instead of white text with shadow)
• Support for Android 11 zoom effect and optional zoom-in animation when unlocking
• Various customization options
• Tiny installation size
• Rendering works well even on less powerful devices (very efficient rendering engine)


Doodle Android requires at least Android 5.1 Lollipop on your device. The app will work properly on devices without any Google service installed.


No permissions required.